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 Rules (12/31/09 Edition)

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PostSubject: Rules (12/31/09 Edition)   Rules (12/31/09 Edition) EmptyThu Nov 05, 2009 12:44 am

Official Rules and Guidelines

12/31/09 Edition, Created by Shadow Sora
Last Edited by: Shadow Sora on 12/31/09

Disclaimer: If you read these rules, you completely and fully agree to them, whether you like them or not, if you make any posts within this forum or any Private Messages. If you feel that any of them need to be changed, please contact the creator of the current edition and/or the administrator who edited it last. All rules are punishable as the Staff member sees fit - if the infraction is bad enough, you could receive a punishment that may be different than stated here, depending on the infringement.

1. No foul language is permitted on GameziPlay forums.
Any type of curse words or swear words - even minor ones - are considered rude in these forums, and most minor words will be punishable by an infraction. However, more offensive language will be immediately punished with a ban, depending on the severity of the infringement.

2. No inappropriate discussion is allowed on GameziPlay forums.
If you are going to post about a game, please make sure that its content is suitable from ages 5 to 15. We do not permit discussion of games that involve any sexual activity, sexual references, or any other type of vulgar video game discussion. If you are not sure if the game you wish to discuss is allowed, please contact an administrator. If you do not, you could be posting something that might need to be removed, regardless of how you alone view it.

3. No links to external sites allowed.
If you wish to post a link to your own website, or an appropriate external site, do so within your signature. Links within posts are not allowed, unless absolutely necessary. (Such as links to the games you are discussing.) All links are checked by a designated Link Moderation team and are reported to head administrators as appropriate or inappropriate content.

4. No hacking or multiple accounts are allowed.
If you create multiple accounts, those accounts will be deleted unless they are created due to loss of password or other log in information, in which case you must report the matter to an administrator or moderator. Hacking and/or proxying (in order to work around a previous ban) is not allowed, and is punishable by a well-retained IP ban, regardless of how much you come back.

5. No harassment of other users allowed.
We do not permit our users here to be harassed in any way, and such activity is punishable by an immediate ban.

6. Going off topic is not allowed.
Unless you place your off topic discussion within a “PS.” or “Off topic:”, you will be given a ban and/or infraction as needed. If you can’t think of how to remain on topic, do not post within that topic.
Sorry for forgetting this - no bumps on topics older than two months old. Sorry!

7. Do not discuss inappropriate content in off topic areas.
In areas such as “Chit Chat”, as well as all other topics, you are not allowed to discuss any inappropriate content. This includes:
• Vulgar television shows
• Vulgar movies
• Vulgar websites/pornography
• Personal issues (Such as diseases, death, etc.)
• Address, state, phone number, real name, school name, etc.
Any such discussion is required to be reported in such areas, as well as within Private Messages. If you do not report an issue, and the issue is later discovered with you being involved, you will be punished by a limited ban from this website.

8. Do not discuss political views or religious standpoints.
While even I don’t particularly enjoy adding this rule, it is quite necessary -
You must not discuss any political views or religious standpoints within this forum. While we all have something we wish to say about such topics, it helps to keep on topic (and out of flaming) if we do not discuss such interests. Depending on the infringement and/or the reaction to the infringement, you could be punished anywhere from an infraction to a half-year ban.

9. Do not ask to be a Staff Member.
Staff members are chosen as we see fit - based on their kindness, their reactions to certain events, their talent, etc. Certain Staff Members are only invited on special occasions or in special instances.

10. Do not discuss or share any illegal software or other media.
If you discuss illegal software (in a positive way, such as saying you have an illegally obtained media object), share illegal software, or in any way are involved with the production and/or transfer of illegal software within these forums, you will be given an immediate ban.

11. Large Signatures are NOW MODERATED!
Though I have nothing against signature creativity, some large signatures can be quite annoying. I test each signature using this scale. You are welcome to download this scale to test your signatures on your own as well. If your signature veers vertically or horizontally into the red zones, your signature could either be possibly or immediately removed. If this is the case, you will either have to resize it yourself, or I will gladly do so for you.

Rules (12/31/09 Edition) Ad_sig11
Rules (12/31/09 Edition) Keg1h1
Rules (12/31/09 Edition) Sora210
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Rules (12/31/09 Edition)
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